Ta Bu Dang Nuzhu Hen Duo Nian

Type: ONA

Plot Summary: Beiyi used a strategy to attack Baicheng, an important town in the northern border of Daqi Kingdom. Tang Yao, the guard of Baicheng, led his people to resist desperately, but they were outnumbered, and all sacrificed. Only the second daughter, Tang Ying, survived. What makes Tang Ying even more indignant is that his father sacrificed his life for the country, but in return he was charged with collaborating with the enemy. In order to take the place of her father, Tang Yingyi went to the capital, but found that things were not as simple as imagined. Is Yuan Lang, the second prince of the Daqi Kingdom who has been hostage for decades, related to Beiyi? Why is the woman pretending to be herself so strangely similar? What happened to the otherworldly person that Yao Niang from the movie department was talking about? There are also those strange and familiar memories that appeared nervously... There are too many mysteries waiting for Tang Ying to answer.

Genre: Action,Adventure,Historical

Released: 2023

Status: Ongoing

Other name: 她不当女主很多年, Since I Wasn't the Heroine

Ta Bu Dang Nuzhu Hen Duo Nian